Draft proposals in That World and Ethoxy:

  1. 24-ECIPURI

    URI Marker for Federated Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals

    This specification proposes a solution for a decentralized Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal via federation, while preserving the current proposal structures and allowing easy aggregator setup.

  2. 31-SYSTEM

    Include Uncles in Total Difficulty Calculation

    This gives a standardized view of SYSTEM transactions – transactions that are enforced by block validity rules (i.e. if the transaction is not included, it is considered invalid) but not executed by users.

  3. 43-VER

    Generalized Account Versioning Scheme

    Introduce account versioning for smart contracts so upgrading the VM or introducing new VMs can be easier.

Draft proposals in other repositories:

  1. ECIP-1021

    Token standard

  2. ECIP-1025

    Precompiled Contracts for zkSNARK Verification

  3. ECIP-1026

    Modexp Precompiled Contract

  4. ECIP-1048

    Clique proof-of-authority consensus protocol