This extends BIP-39 for public addresses on the Ethereum Classic network. As an example, address 0xdf7d7e053933b5cc24372f878c90e62dadad5d42 becomes term-typical-life-include-deputy-toward-move-tourist-maple-goose-define-forget-suspect-push-any.


The address is taken as a bytearray. A checksum is generated by taking the first 5 bits of the SHA256 hash of the address. This checksum is appended to the end of the bytearray. Next, these concatenated bits are split into groups of 11 bits, each encoding a number from 0-2047, serving as an index into a wordlist. Finally, we convert these numbers into words and use the joined words as a mnemonic sentence.

Words are connected by - in English and other Latin languages. There’s currently no defined scheme for non-Latin languages like Chinese.


We use the same word list as in BIP-39.